Hygiene/Acoustic Clear Perspex Shield

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At the start of 2020 we were working with the team at Alges on an Acoustic Shield solution that could be used in an orchestra or band setting to help protect the hearing of ensemble members.

In light of the current circumstances, we tweaked the design so that it may double-up as a Hygiene Screen. None of us know how long the requirement for extra hygiene measures will be a part of everyday life, so we created this multi-purpose product to future-proof your investment.

  1. Hygiene Screen to minimise aersolisation exposure in an ensemble or one-on-one setting.
  2. Acoustic Shield to minimise prolonged noise exposure, particularly for those seated in front of brass players or percussionists.
  3. Music Stand. The base and shaft are identical to that used for the Alges music stands. You can therefore swap out the perspex shield for a Music Stand desk, should your needs change over time.

We are also offering flexible purchasing options.

Basic Shield Pack - Standalone Shield on a music stand base. (Perspex Shield, Base, and Shaft with all mounting brackets). $179

Deluxe Shield Pack - Build it as a Shield or a Music Stand. The choice is yours with this all-in-one pack. (Perspex Shield, Music Stand Desk, Base and Shaft with all mounting brackets). $229

Perspex Shield Only - Perfect if you already have extra Alges or Wenger music stands and are looking for a temporary solution that will save on cost. (Perspex Shield and mounting kit to fit to Alges or Wenger Shaft/Bases). $129