Alges Nocturne Premier Music Stand

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Our number one music stand.

A high-quality music stand perfect for home, school, studio or performance.

The Alges Nocturne Music stand is a premium all-steel stand capable of accommodating full-sized scores. The sturdy base attachment, along with the bolt through desk attachment, provides the user with a solid stand that will enhance any performance. Elegant enough for performances while robust enough for everyday school use, the Nocturne stand has the industry-leading extension slider for smooth, effortless height adjustment without corrosion or premature wear.

The Nocturne stand can be stored and transported on carts designed to carry 10 or 20 stands. (we’ve managed to sneak 11 and 22 stands onto the carts ?) The carts will also carry Manhasset & Wenger stands.

The Alges Nocturne combines exceptional beauty with superior performance. Attractive chrome plating to the stand shaft provides a stunning addition to any sophisticated setting.

Rubber Boots are available to protect and reduce noise on hard floors

  • Desk dimension: 51cm x 34cm
  • Height adjustment desk lip to floor: 64cm - 124cm
  • Unit weight: 3.6kg
  • All-steel stand assembly
  • 14-gauge steel welded base for durability
  • 18-gauge inner post prevents denting and keeps slider mechanism functioning freely
  • 1" (2.5cm), 18-gauge outer tube for easy transport
  • Brass spring slider mechanism
  • Bolt-through desk attachment
  • Wobble-free base attachment
  • Durable Epoxy powder paint finish