Making Music Matter, Book 2

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Making Music Matter Book 2 - Frank Ticheli and Gregory B. Rudgers' New Intermediate Band Method

Making Music Matter introduces an ingenious new paradigm of teaching beginning band. Book 2 continues to elevate the traditional goals of second-year students to new levels of achievement. As with Book 1, it skillfully presents lessons that develop creativity and performance skills.

The collaborative efforts of renowned composer Frank Ticheli and esteemed educator Gregory B. Rudgers have created a sequentially orchestrated blend of daily warm ups, drills and exercises, complemented by 24 original Frank Ticheli band compositions and 16 solo pieces. Each composition offers a genuine music making experience based on the skills just mastered. The unique Creative Corner affords students the opportunity to exercise improvisation as they creatively apply their performance skills.

The goal throughout is not simply to learn to play an instrument, but rather to use newly acquired abilities to experience the true joy of making music. Thus each lesson is thoughtfully formatted to build confidence, to nurture creativity, and to experience real music-making based on the skills just mastered. It is no longer a matter of simply “getting it right” and “teaching to the test,” but rather of using skills and knowledge to open up new pathways to learning, achieving, and creating. Schools adopting Making Music Matter as their beginning band method will lead their students into new vistas of musical discovery.

Download the 16 SOLO and 24 ENSEMBLE composition MP3s (Book 2)

Sample Books: Teacher / Trumpet / Flute