Whirlwind - Jodie Blackshaw (Grade 1)

Whirlwind - Jodie Blackshaw (Grade 1)

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Raising the Standards of the American Concert Band and BANDS all Over the WORLD
Exclusive Australian Distribution by Future Music

Whirlwind is the 2006 First Prize Winner of The Frank Ticheli Composition Contest
(Category 1 — Beginning Band).

A number of unusual musical devices are used in Whirlwind, which distinguish it from other young band repertoire. The use of soundscape sections at the beginning and end of the piece introduce students to cueing from a conductor, free time, and an increased aural awareness of other players' contributions to the work.

Though its simple structural concepts such as using only four notes and a repeated melody in unison or loosely canonically, the work encourages the young player to focus not on pitch and harmony, but rather, on sound, tone colour, form and expression.

The theatrical nature created by the soundscapes and the unusual percussion - handmade waterglass and rattle instruments, whirling tubes - allows each student to listen, watch and contribute in order to understand what's happening. As a result, each student gains a sense of empowerment through belonging; the reason for playing in band.

Performance by Castle Hill RSL North West Wind Ensemble, Musical Director James Brice (Australia)

Virtual Score

DURATION: 6 minutes

clarinet in B♭
bass clarinet in B♭
alto saxophone in E♭
tenor saxophone in B♭
baritone saxophone in E♭
trumpet in B♭
horn in F, trombone
double bass
keyboard (optional)
drone (any bass instrument)
snare drum (and whirly)
medium tom (and whirly)
suspended cymbal (and whirly)