Spiewak: Vocalises for Modern Singers - Book 1

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The "Vocalises for Modern Singers" composed by Tomasz Spiewak offers teachers and students an interesting addition to the volumes of vocalises in current use. They integrate vocal and aural skills with interesting rhythms and harmonies, creating a "contemporary" feel which will have greater appeal to young singers at both school and under-graduate levels, and to mature-age beginners.

The vocalises are divided into three volumes of increasing difficulty. The vocal range in the first two volumes is kept intentionally mid-voice, the third volume has an increased range and requires vocal dexterity designed to appeal to advanced students. The third volume also introduces students to the singing of various modes. In the lower voice edition, the vocal line is printed in treble and bass clefs to double for mezzo and baritone ranges and to increase fluency in the reading of both.