St Michael's Grammar

Year 5 Performing Arts (Band Stream)

"St Michael’s Grammar School and Future Music Australia have been working together for many years to ensure that our music students and teaching staff are well supported by the provision of the best musical instruments, equipment, print music and other essential musical supplies.

We are now excited to extend this partnership by offering access to a full range of instrument purchase and rental options for students who are learning music at St Michael’s." - Ben Moody, Director of Performing Arts

Click on the relevant items below to purchase or rent your new instrument, plus buy the correct book and a recommended music stand. Please note, Bass Guitar students should should choose the 'Bassoon' instrument book.

If purchasing, please add all items to your cart and use your own shipping/billing details when checking out; at the shipping stage please choose the option for free delivery to the school.

If renting your instrument, click the 'Apply Now' button on the relevant page and again use all your own shipping/billing details. You will then need to purchase your book & music stand separately.

If you have any queries please call 03 9808 8988 or email