The Sibelius licence servers version 6.2 and above allow clients to check out a license to run off the network.  This is useful for allowing a teacher or student to borrow a copy from your multi-seat license for use at home, whilst still retaining overall control of the license yourself.

Note: The client computer on which you wish to check out the licence must be connected to the network before you are able to check out a licence.

Configuring the licence server

Note: You must be running Sibelius 6.2 or higher to use this feature.

  1. Start the Licence Server Control Panel, and click the Licences tab.
  2. Select your licence from the list, and click the Check out settings button.
  3. Tick the allow checkbox and set the number of clients you wish to allow to check out licenses. Licence check out settings

Checking out the licence from the client

  1. Start Sibelius (You will need to open a score first to access the actual Sibelius window).
  2. Click File > Help > Check out licence (on Sibelius 6, click Help > Check out licence)
  3. Sibelius will now allow you to specify the amount of time you wish to check a licence out for, up to the period specified in the licence server control panel.  
  4. If successful, you'll see this message: Licence check out success

Checking in a licence from the client

The checked-out licence will automatically expire on the client and re-appear in the licence server, but should you wish to check-in early, you can do as follows:

  1. Connect the client machine to the network.
  2. Start Sibelius, and click File > Help > Check-in licence (or Help > Check-in licence on Sibelius 6).

Revoking a licence from a client

If it is not possible to re-connect the client machine to the server (for example, in the event of machine failure), you can manually revoke a checked-out licence as follows:

  1. Open the Licence Server Control panel.
  2. Click the Clients tab.
  3. Select the computer that is no longer available from the client's list, and click the Revoke button.