*The introduction of Team subscriptions adds a third option for running Sibelius multiseat licences. At this stage Standalone subscriptions have been replaced by Team subscriptions, although perpetual Standalone licences are still available.

Team Subscriptions enable schools to purchase multiple seats under one license which then can be assigned and unassigned to members of their team. Using the Admin Console assign & unassign feature, you can now easily reallocate licenses from team members not using a seat or are no longer on your team to those that need one.

Read more here: https://avid.secure.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/Knowledge/Team-Licensing


Network vs. Standalone

A multiseat Sibelius license allows one Sibelius serial number to be used on multiple computers. There are two ways in which a multiseat license can be used: network and standalone.

Sibelius network

Network mode

In this mode, the Sibelius License Server program is installed and Activated on one computer or server (aka the "Host") using an Activation ID and System ID (provided with purchase via an "Entitlement Certificate").  Any number of computers with Sibelius installed, up to the limit allowed under the license, can then connect to the License Server over the network and run Sibelius - there is no need to individually activate each computer.

If users need to be able to run Sibelius without being connected to the network (for example, a teacher needs take their laptop home), the license can be checked out to that computer. Once a user checks out their license, they are able to run Sibelius, while away from the network, for an amount of time specified by the administrator. Licenses can be checked back in at any time, and the administrator is free to choose the number of allowed simultaneous check-outs, up to the limit allowed under the license.

Benefits of running in Network mode

  • Install Sibelius on any number of computers on your network. The Sibelius License Server will keep count of the client computers that are concurrently running Sibelius.
  • Administer your license centrally from the easy to use license server control panel.
  • Only need to activate on the license server; the clients get their license from the server.
  • Automated distributed installation.
  • The Classroom Control features in Sibelius allow you to view students' work, send files to students, “freeze” copies of Sibelius to focus the attention of the class on you, and more.
  • Allow teachers and students to take Sibelius off the network on their laptops for a set period of time, using the check out license feature.

Sibelius network

Standalone Usage

In this mode, each computer being used must be individually Activated using the multi-seat Activation ID and System ID (provided with your purchase via an "Entitlement Certificate").  Each time you activate on a computer, this will take up a seat with your license and the activation is unique to each machine; so if you have reached the maximum number of activations with your license and you wish to activate Sibelius on a new computer, you must Deactivate [File(tab)>Help>Deactivate]. This will free up a license seat and then you can activate on the computer you wish to transfer it to. * If you are unable to Deactivate a computer for any reason (hard drive failure etc.), please contact Sibelius Support.

NB: Cloning or "ghosting" of Sibelius installations running with an Activated  license is not supported and will cause Sibelius to produce an error on start up. However, if the installation of Sibelius that you're trying to clone has not yet been Activated, cloning/ ghosting can work. If you wish to distribute Sibelius this way, it is best to purchase a Network license.