Alges Nocturne Conductor’s Music Stand

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Premium all-steel constructed stand able to accommodate full sized scores. Sturdy base attachment and bolt through desk attachment.

If you are after music stands for conductors or band leaders, then look no further than the Alges Nocturne Conductor’s Music Stand.

This stand contains a sturdy base with double legs, and accommodates full-sized scores, writing/editing implements and conductor’s batons.



  • Aluminum Desk dimension: 47cm x 74cm
  • 264cm – 124cm height adjustment desk lip to floor
  • Storage box dimension: 32cm x 64cm x 5cm
  • Unit weight only: 7kg
  • 14-gauge steel welded base for durability
  • 18-gauge inner post prevents denting and keeps slider mechanism functioning freely
  • 1" (2.5cm), 18-gauge (0.049cm) outer tube for easy transport
  • Brass spring slider mechanism
  • Bolt-through desk attachment
  • Wobble-free base attachment
  • Epoxy powder paint finish