Effervescent - arr. Neridah Oostenbroek (Grade 2)

Effervescent - arr. Neridah Oostenbroek (Grade 2)

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Grade 2

Duration: 2’42”

Key: D minor

Instrumentation: Vln 1, Vln 2, Vln 3, Vla, Cello, Bass

Composed in D minor, Effervescent should be played in a light, detached style, and with plenty of enthusiasm. The quavers should be kept short and lifted throughout to perpetuate the energy. The 6/8 metre helps the piece to dance along with some syncopating rhythms adding an extra kick to the musical feel. All of the instruments have some interesting lines and melodies and there is lots of scope to explore various positions and tonal colours in each part. Various themes are cleverly woven together to create a coherent piece but one that continues to surprise. Most suitable for a high school orchestra, Effervescent will be an enjoyable challenge for the students.

Neridah Oostenbroek has been teaching strings and classroom music in Brisbane for 20 years. She gained her Bachelor of Music and a Diploma of Secondary Education before later completing a Master of Philosophy in Violin Performance at the University of Queensland with Spiros Rantos. Neridah currently teaches at several schools in Brisbane and conducts workshops, camps and tutorials with school ensembles. She also freelances as a violinist with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Vici Strings and as a piano accompanist for music and RAD ballet exams.