Einaudi: Nightbook for Solo Piano

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Italian-born Ludovico Einaudi's Piano music has struck a chord with audiences across the world, and his distinctive meditative style has confirmed his place in the music industry. His albums have soared high in the classical charts and his recitals have been sell-outs.

This is Ludovico Einaudi's new project, Nightbook - a musical meditation on the transition between light and darkness, the known and the unknown.

Expressive and with a more open compositional structure, sonic colours are created through the close blending of the Piano with the Strings and percussion and from the use of electronics which amplifies the sound of the Piano, projecting it like a shadow in all directions.

The project grew out of the ideas and 'musical sketches' that Einaudi jotted down in a notebook whilst on tour around the world.

Einaudi describes the project as, "A night-time landscape. A garden faintly visible under the dull glow of the night sky. A few stars dotting the darkness above, shadows of the trees all around. Light shining from a window behind me. What I can see is familiar, but it seems alien at the same time. It's like a dream - anything may happen."

Selections of expressive and contemplative songs from the album have all been specially transcribed for solo Piano.



  • Berlin Song
  • Bye Bye Mon Amour
  • Eros
  • In Principio
  • Indaco
  • Lady Labyrinth
  • Nightbook
  • Reverie
  • Snow Prelude No.15
  • Snow Prelude No.2
  • The Crane Dance
  • The Planets
  • The Tower
  • Tu Sei