How To Play Button Accordion with CD Vol. 1

How To Play Button Accordion with CD Vol. 1

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How To Play Button Accordion by Henry Doktorski is unique, as every other button-method does not recognize the simple fact that the button-accordion is a transposing instrument and all its music can be written in the key of “C.” There are button-accordions in practically every key including C, G, D, F & Bb. Because the one-row button-accordion is a transposing instrument, a player only needs to learn the fingering & notes for one scale: the C major scale. In order to play in another key, you would need another instrument tuned to that desired key.

This greatly simplifies learning the instrument and allows the student to make rapid progress early on. Note reading is also not necessary to learn how to play the button-box. Indeed some of the greatest button-accordionists play only by ear. Like great jazz performers, this in no way detracts from their ability to create exciting and beautiful music.

Nonetheless, a method book needs some kind of music notation. This book uses the solfege method; assigning the syllables do, re, mi, fa, sol, laand tito the seven notes of the major scale. In 1965 the syllables do, re, mi, fa, sol, laand tiwere immortalized in the hit movie musical The Sound of Music. However, modern music notation is also presented along with the solfege syllables for those students who want to learn it.

How To Play Button Accordion published by Santorella Publications will explain in detail how to play the one-row Italian-style button-accordion. One row is perfectly suitable for playing most popular and folk melodies. Even students who own two or three-row instruments still need to learn by playing only one row. Although the left hand is not always used by button-box players, the left hand is taught in this method. It may be difficult to coordinate both hands together, but with persistent and patient practice, success will most assuredly come.

Includes; Taps • Assembly • Reveille • First Call • Down in the Valley • When the Saints Go Marching In • Good Night, Ladies • My Darling Clementine • The Itsy Bitsy Spider • Alouette • London Bridge • This Old Man • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star • Frere Jacque • Pop Goes the Weasel • Row, Row, Row Your Boat • On Top of Old Smoky • Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes • Camptown Races • Come to the Sea (Vieni Sul Mar) • Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen • Las Chiapanecas • Minuet No. 1 • Minuet No. 2