Jacob: The Pied Piper

Jacob: The Pied Piper

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These two pieces by Gordon Jacob, one for flute the other for piccolo, are a great study in articulation. Intermediate to advanced level.


  • The Spell
  • March to the River Weser

Gordon Jacob (1895-1984)
Born in Saffron Waldon, Essex, Gordon Jacob was one of the most musically conservative of his generation of composers. Though he studied with Vaughan Williams and Stanford at the Royal College, Jacob preferred the more austere Baroque and Classical models to the Romanticism of his peers. He was a skilful writer for winds, and a good deal of his regard today is for his embracing of the wind band. Jacob was highly prolific and published over 700 pieces of music before his death in 1984, in addition to his four books and numerous essays on music.