Making Music Matter Series, Bb Trumpet & Piano

Making Music Matter Series, Bb Trumpet & Piano

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13 Original Compositions for Bb Trumpet and Piano (Easy to Intermediate) by Frank Ticheli

"Here is a collection of 13 original compositions for Bb trumpet and piano, presented in approximate order of difficulty. All first appeared as solo pieces for different instruments in my concert band methods, Making Music Mater Book 1 (Beginner), and Book 2 (Intermediate). While I was composing the pieces, I realized that most would also work beautifully for different instruments. And that is the genesis of the present volume.

The notes, rhythms, and terminology used in these pieces appear at various points in the two Making Music Matter books, and thus this collection is an ideal complement to both methods. However, there is every reason that beginners and intermediate players of all ages will find them ideal for both practice and performance. Furthermore, the piano parts are not so difficult- playable by a gifted young pianist, a talented parent, or an undergraduate piano major.

Few things are more exciting and gratifying to a musician than playing solos, whether for friends, classmates, or in concert. I hope my collection will be a source of great happiness, pride, and accomplishment for all musicians."

Frank Ticheli

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