Razzamajazz for Flute - Sarah Watts

Razzamajazz for Flute - Sarah Watts

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This is a fun book of jazzy pieces with a 'feel good' accompaniment to encourage you in the early stages of learning.

free CD is included containing the pieces with and without the instrument part.


And then evening came ♫ B Groovy ♫ Banana tango ♫ Hairy scary ♫ Jenco's jam ♫ Kim's ballad ♫ Mellow out ♫ Morning in moscow ♫ Movie buster ♫ Mr Cool ♫ Noodlin' and doodlin' ♫ Peanut butter pals ♫ Play of light ♫ Sea sparkle ♫ Shrimp circus ♫ Shrimp shuffle ♫ Stardom Waltz ♫ Stripy cat crawl ♫ Ten toe tapper ♫ Two at twilight ♫ Umbrella Man ♫ Water lilies