Rush - arr. Neridah Oostenbroek (Grade 2.5-3)

Rush - arr. Neridah Oostenbroek (Grade 2.5-3)

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Grade 2.5-3

Duration: 2’57”

Key: E minor

Instrumentation: Vln 1, Vln 2, Vln 3, Vla, Cello, Bass

Rush is a piece filled with energy from start to finish. Beginning in E minor, the 1st violins have the opening melody before it is repeated in the cellos. The accompanying parts have bitey rhythms and staccato and spiccato sections which contrast to the legato sections in the tune. Bar 35 sees a change to A minor with a soaring melody in the violins and a rhythmic groove in the accompanying parts before returning to the main theme in b. 59. All parts have a chance to shine and there are many opportunities to explore position work, vibrato and different timbres to make the piece come alive. A spirited and vibrant piece, Rush will be entertaining for both students and audience alike!

Neridah Oostenbroek has been teaching strings and classroom music in Brisbane for 20 years. She gained her Bachelor of Music and a Diploma of Secondary Education before later completing a Master of Philosophy in Violin Performance at the University of Queensland with Spiros Rantos. Neridah currently teaches at several schools in Brisbane and conducts workshops, camps and tutorials with school ensembles. She also freelances as a violinist with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Vici Strings and as a piano accompanist for music and RAD ballet exams.