The First Blues Gig

The First Blues Gig

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This is an outstanding set of combo books containing 10 accessible arrangements of blues tunes playable by any combination of horns plus rhythm section. 

The keyboard/C instrument book also includes a CD that provides full performance recordings and serves as a play-along practice tape.


  • Blues Is My Favorite Color
  • Sweet Home Chicago
  • Say What?
  • Full Moon Blues
  • Woody’s Blues
  • Beale Street Blues
  • St. Louie Blues
  • Tickle Ya
  • Low Down, Slow Down Blues
  • Frankie & Johnny

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The First Gig Combo Series by Paul and Andy Clark is a terrific set of combo books for your youngest players, playable with rhythm section plus any horn or combination of horns. These tunes are the perfect materials to get a combo started in your program, or for use by jazz bands with severe instrumentation problems. Each arrangement includes chord symbols for all instruments and a scale chart for use in improvisation classes. Styles, keys and ranges have all been selected to insure a positive experience for inexperienced combo players.