The Swing Gig

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This is a great set of combo books containing 10 "jump" and "swing" tunes that are perfect for almost any situation. Playable with any combination of horns plus rhythm section, these arrangements also work well with jazz ensembles that have instrumentation problems. These charts are easy enough to be performed by younger players but hot enough for advanced groups, especially when extended solos are added in. 

The keyboard/C instrument book also includes a CD that provides full performance recordings and serves as a play-along practice tap


  • Baby Drives a Fast Car
  • When the Saints Come Swingin’ In
  • Swing Shot
  • Bandland Boogie
  • Designated Swinger
  • Royal Garden Blues
  • Piano Power
  • Put Em’ Up!
  • Buffle Off To Shuffalo
  • Johnson Rag

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    The First Gig Combo Series by Paul and Andy Clark is a terrific set of combo books for your youngest players, playable with rhythm section plus any horn or combination of horns. These tunes are the perfect materials to get a combo started in your program, or for use by jazz bands with severe instrumentation problems. Each arrangement includes chord symbols for all instruments and a scale chart for use in improvisation classes. Styles, keys and ranges have all been selected to insure a positive experience for inexperienced combo players.