Tricks to Tunes Book 1 - Piano Acc.

Tricks to Tunes Book 1 - Piano Acc.

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For each of the books in the series there is one accompaniment book that covers all four instruments.

The Accompaniment Books contain piano parts that are simple enough to allow parents or siblings with some musical skills to play. For many of the simple pieces the right hand piano part is suitable as a violin accompaniment.

These are great resource books for ensemble work. Many tunes are arranged for duets, trios or quartets and allow more advanced pupils to play along with beginners. Accompaniment Book Three has harmony parts that span the range of ability from beginner to able fourth year player.

Books One and Two contain over a dozen games that provide variation for the class while reinforcing notation recognition and musical concepts. All books contain teaching notes and lesson ideas and explain the approach being used.

The content of the student books is repeated for easy reference. Differences between instruments in the student books are highlighted. All page numbers are cross referenced and indexed for ease of use.