Wizard's Potion for Cello (Piano Accompaniment)

Wizard's Potion for Cello (Piano Accompaniment)

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16 spooky Pieces to play and sing (for Cello grades 1 and 2) by Caroline Lumsden with spellbinding jazz accompaniments by Ben Attwood.

Beginner to preliminary grade pieces using open strings and 1st fingers.

Hoojum Boojum, Higgery Wiggery, Wizards United! and Trick, Treat or Tango - just some of the spellbinding pieces from the magical new books Witches' Brew and Wizard's Potion. The innovative blend of rhythmical tunes, descriptive rhymes and exciting jazzy accompaniments are set to capture the imagination of all beginners.

This book contains the piano accompaniment part only. Click here for cello part.